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ABOUT TEAKREPUBLIC.COM is a furniture company which is geared towards the export of teak wood furniture products especially for gardens. You can come to our office in Jepara, Central Java.

Every teak wood furniture product from is produced with quality materials and teak wood that has export standards. We always believe that every customer wants a product that has the best quality and of course an affordable price. For this reason, we always control the selection of the best wood materials, neat and good workmanship, control the best finishing process to safe product packaging, so that each of our products arrives at the customer in the best condition.

We currently focus on producing garden furniture or outdoor furniture made of teak wood, starting from teak dining tables, teak dining chairs, teak sun loungers, teak bars and counters, teak benches, teak coffee tables, teak chaise and umbrellas, sofas, and side and console table. However, we are also willing to accept various furniture design applications from you. Every furniture product from is made by professional carpenters, and very supportive machine tools, as well as the best teak wood from us, to create the best furniture products in every corner of your home.

For orders and information about our products, you can contact us on the contact us page. We will help answer all your teak furniture needs.

A Guide into Teak Garden Furniture Industry in Indonesia

Teak is a type of wood that’s derived from Tectona grandis, which is most commonly found and cultivated in Southeast Asia and South Asia. Gaining acclamation for its exuding natural beauty, teak is also known for being one of the most resistant and hardest timbers, so it is no wonder that teak garden furniture are really popular. It used to be utilized mainly for luxurious estates and fancy yachts, and now it is a top choice when it comes to business offices, hotels, and upscale residences.

Teak falls into the category of tropical hardwoods. It is reported to be able to grow up to 30 m (100 ft) in height and 48 cm (19 inches) in diameters in a span of 40 years. Growing at half an inch rate in daily basis makes it amongst the faster growing tropical hardwood trees, which the growth rate reaches it peaks during early years before slowing down in later. Teak trees in wild forests may take around 80 to 120 years before mature up, but teak trees in plantation are typically harvested much earlier at 25 to 60 years. Afterwards, the cultivated and harvested teakwood needs to go under draining process for a year or two prior to being used by the industry.

The original color of teak is golden brown, with a touch of smooth texture and grain. This wood has naturally high amount of rubbers and oils that make it durable, strong, and practically resistant to common wooden material issues such as rotting or extreme weather – even on untreated condition. Moreover, it has great resistance to acid, alkali, and fire as well.

For centuries, teak wood has been an extremely valuable material worldwide. Plenty of civilizations used it to build and decorate church houses, royal quarters, and even trading ships. Teak wood based shipbuilding continued well into the medieval era, due to its beneficial properties such as strength, water resistance, and corroding layer prevention for metal material. These properties are what keeping it as a classic option for outdoor furnishing, including gardens, patios, and decks.

One of the countries that lead the teak furniture manufacturing industry in the world is Indonesia. Their furniture market is highly competitive and segmented, resulting in high demand from both the domestic and the global markets. Below, you’ll read and learn what makes teakwood is a popular choice as garden furniture and the wide range of options when it comes to Indonesia teak garden furniture products.


Various Benefits of Choosing Teak Garden Furniture

It is not rare to hear that teakwood is hailed as one of the best material regarding outdoor furniture. It is not without a reason that teak earns a position so high. Here are six top reasons why choosing teak wood for your garden furniture is a great decision:

1. It is weather resistant
Teak wood is famous for its ability to handle nearly any unfortunate circumstances thrown by the Mother Nature, mostly due to its high contents of natural oil that can keep moisture at bay. It has extremely well resistance to snow, hail, or rain by having this anti-moisture property, so you can be rest assured that your furniture won’t become brittle, crack, or warp, and stays beautiful and strong for a long time.

2. It requires little to zero maintenance
The natural golden brown color of teakwood means that it needs no stain or paint to appear polished and stunning. The high oil substance that occurs naturally maintains strength, smoothness, and suppleness of the wood. You’ll be surprise to find teak furniture to get more beautiful as time passes by; the color is softening to timeless and unique natural patina shade.

The cleaning maintenance is also very easy; you will only need to wipe the furniture with sponge soaked in lukewarm soapy water in gentle motion. It is also possible to treat the wood with silicone-based sealant if you wish to preserve the natural young teak color.

3. It is extremely durable
Teak garden chair and furniture can last for decades. It is popular for having great longevity in the first place and for aging like a fine wine by maintaining its robustness, beauty, and smoothness. It is common to have teakwood furniture to persist for a lifetime even when it’s left exposed to extreme weather outside without being protected by anything, which is why it is often being one of the first choices for outdoor space features.

As a comparison, majority of wooden furniture usually last for 20 to 40 years. Of course, these numbers aren’t bad at all, but in most cases, they need protective coatings that must be performed from time to time. Most of them also have to be stored inside when the harsh winter arrives, which may result in space-related problem if you opt for large-sized furniture.

4. It has insect resistance property
Insects are bad news for your outdoor furniture, especially termites. They have ability to transform your stunning set into shabby and messy looking wreckage. Do you know that teakwood has insect repellent characteristic naturally? By selecting teak, you don’t have to worry that bugs will damage your valuable furniture.

5. It has distinctive aesthetics appeals
Regardless if you’re a firm believer of “Beauty is in the eye of beholder”, there is no denying that wooden furniture in general is more visually pleasing than plastic or metal furnishing. The appeal is even more elevated when you choose rarer woods that can grab attention and ooze a sense of luxury on your outdoor space.

Teak garden furniture invites association with prestige and luxury, due to the fact that it has unique color, rich grain, and being relatively rare. The warm honey brown color will eventually shift into a distinctive natural silvery gray (or stay in its original color if you prefer to use sealant). This eye-pleasing nature makes the wood a favorable material for furniture item that’s intended to be used as focal point of your garden or patio area. Being a natural material, it can incorporate itself easily to every style of garden by blending effortlessly with the natural environment.

6. It is environmentally-friendly material
Wood, regardless of the type, is an eco-friendlier material than plastic, and it’s especially true if you choose to purchase from manufacturer that source from sustainably managed forests. Due to its carbon storage and carbon sequestration natures, teak is a highly sustainable wood in general.

The process of manufacturing teak wood into furniture also provides reasonably low carbon footprint, if the waste is used to create biomass pellets or by-products to counterbalance the production of carbon emission during the process of harvesting and manufacturing. It is also sustainable in the usage and end-of-life phase due to its long lifespan and the fact that it can be easily recycled or up-cycled to create biomass energy.


A Wide Range of Products from Indonesian Teak Furniture Manufacture and Exporter

Now that you have read about the benefits of choosing teakwood for your garden furniture, here are some of the most commonly found products made by teak furniture manufacture and exporter that you can incorporate into outdoor space according to your needs and preferences.

Benches are simple yet ideal furnishing that provides seating area to enjoy the beautiful view outside or to just relax. To have teak garden bench on your outdoor space will make it more inviting for people to gather there.

Chaise lounge
This type of lounge offers comfort if you choose to sit upright on it, but also allows you to stretch out over it due to its design – a sofa that has backrest on one of its ends. Chaise lounge is perfect for napping, reading, or simply relaxing.

Coffee tables
Getting a coffee table in your outdoor living area will encourage anyone to relax or be entertained there. This table is as important to be incorporated to your garden seating area as your living room, because it serves a place to set down foods, snacks, and drinks, or to put citrus-scented candles that help to repellent annoying bugs.

Dining set
What can be more enjoyable than setting up alfresco dining on your patio garden? Use outdoor dining set to let your family members and friend to gather around, enjoy meals, or just take fresh air and enjoy the view. Dining set teak garden furniture is ideal for summer cookouts or party hosting that set on the outside and centers on foods.

One of the most fundamental elements of a well-planned patio is seating. There is no chance to unwind and relax outdoor if you don’t have proper seating area, whether it is a set of a table and chairs, a lounge, or a sofa.

Side & console tables
An outdoor console table typically has rectangular design with narrow space offered. It is ideal furniture if you want to store or showcase items and objects. The tables are ranging in terms of design and ornate, from a minimalistic boxy, contemporary sleek, to classic curves and intriguing detailing.

Plushy and cozy sofas encourage deeper and more intimate conversation on your patio. If you want to purchase outdoor sofa suite, you may choose one with club chairs that have complementary color.

Bar & counter
If you wish to make your outdoor living space to have better entertaining characteristic, then you may want to consider adding bar and counter. The furniture can range from true bar setting with refrigerator, sink, and space for drinks, to a simple designed counter that doubles as a place to eat and prep food. It is possible to make the bar and counter to be a part of your extensive kitchen outside or a standalone piece.


Why You Should Choose to Purchase from Indonesia Teak Garden Furniture Industry

It has been long since Indonesia’s furniture industry makes and cements its position in the global furniture manufacturing and exporting. It is already acknowledged for delivering excellent performances that result in great sales, both locally and internationally.

1. The competitive and segmented market
Being one of the teak furniture manufacture and exporter countries in the world that shows rapid growth, the market is extremely competitive and segmented. The general value of furniture industry in Indonesia grows continually, primarily boosted by the growing export values, so it is expected that the furniture manufacturers of this country is going to encounter stronger competition with the emerging industries from neighboring countries such as Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

Finding a great Indonesia teak garden furniture supplier won’t be a difficult task since there are plenty of areas that can provide you with many options. For a starter, Jepara – a small city located in Central Java – is highly famous as the center of teakwood furniture manufacturing industry. It is a renowned name amongst global furniture buyers for its high quality wooden furnishing products. It has become a popular exporter due to the outstanding cross-generation craftsmanship.

2. Huge central market for teakwood
There are a lot of furniture buyers from various countries who purchase and ship furniture from Jepara, be it for personal or business purposes. Jepara is a huge central market for teakwood furniture industry and you can easily find reputable manufacturers and suppliers from this city.

You can also opt for teak garden Indonesia furniture in other areas. For examples, Balinese furniture manufacturers offer a wide range of wooden handicrafts and furniture. Big metropolitan areas such as Surabaya and Semarang also have their own fast-growing wooden furniture industry. Another option to look for if you prefer unique local handmade handicraft and furniture is Solo.

By selecting the right manufacturers to buy the furniture set for your patio, you have a chance to turn even the most limited space of your garden into a place worth to spend your time and relaxing. A well-designed and though-out planning will make the outdoor space into great entertaining, dining, and lounging areas.

It has to be note that while wood is a popular material to use for outdoor furniture, not all of them have same qualities. Teakwood makes one of the best choices due to its characteristics that can deliver satisfaction to your requirements and aesthetic preferences.

In conclusion, you can find a lot of Indonesia teak garden furniture manufacturers and artisans that can export their products. Being blessed by an extensive range of lumber product and having a sufficient amount of craftsmanship, this country presents easy option to buy quality furniture that can suit your personal style.

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Mesa set furniture, consisting of mesa chair, mesa lounger, mesa teak chaise, and mesa 90 chairs, all of which are blended from the best teak wood and export quality products. All products of this mesa set are also sold separately. Please select a mesa product from us to fill the corner of your bedroom.




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